Entrepreneur VS Employment

This post may rub some of you the wrong way and so here’s your cue to press the back button. Truth is, every entrepreneur has been employed by someone or some company. It’s the foundation. However, there comes a point where ceilings must be lifted. Entrepreneurs today can be found on your next youtube video or can be singled out by their bio line on their social account, the keyboard CEOs.

Kool-Aide Ice Cups

In my neighborhood, after school, my friends and I would rush over to the candy lady’s house and hand over two quarters for an ice cup. One day I didn’t have any money and I had to watch everyone eat their ice cups in front of my face. I was furious and that’s when I asked my mom for a grant. She gave me $20 and I went over to Family Dollar and bought Kool-Laid packets, cups, sugar, and a 16 variety pack of candy bars. I opened up that weekend and sold out of everything the first day and tripled my money. 

Part-Time Employment During High School

In my senior year, I needed to earn money to pay for my graduation dues and to participate in the activities for that year. Because I had serious FOMO, fear of missing out, I searched for a job that would hire me. I wasn’t getting any calls back to set up interviews and I was feeling discouraged. All of my friends had jobs and they offered me to apply at their places but I did not want to work in the fast-food industry. I walked into a cleaner shop and ended up speaking with the owner. He operated it himself and happen to need some help. I showed up later that day and began working. That was my first job and he ended up mentoring me on building business. By the time I graduated I was fully operating the spot myself. However, I knew this wasn’t where I wanted to be and so I found a job as a server in Midtown, Atlanta, and politely quit. For the following three years I would go through the employment cycle.

Time To Get Real… Estate Licensed 

I knew employment of any type was not going to satisfy me. I had researched and tried many entrepreneurial business routes. I stumbled upon a few multi-Level marketing (MLM) companies and lost a few thousand dollars. Then I discovered the real estate industry. It was exactly what I was looking for to put myself back on the entrepreneurial path. I had the unlimited opportunity and it was all based on my ability to perform. I had a slow start first year, a record second year, and a flop third year. The problem was that I lacked focus. 

The Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Employees are paid a flat rate per hour and by law can max get 40 hours a week. Overtime is allowed and you will be paid more but it’s more of a privilege. In addition to the issue of work and life balance, employees must adhere to certain policies governing how to act and even when they can request off. Entrepreneurs have a lot of flexibility because they are calling the shots. However, income is purely based on your performance. The employee will eat as long as they clock in. The Entrepreneur will go to work but if they do not sell, they do not eat. This is what scares people from going all in. 

Focus Is A Super Power

You can do anything if you put your mind to it. That’s how I got my first sale. I was still working Full time and I ended up quitting because I was always scheduled to work on Sundays when I host my open houses. I freed up eight hours of my day and I used those same hours and directed my attention to my listing. Within a week I had secured a buyer and the rest is history. Like I mentioned before, my rookie year was terrible and I attribute most of that to the fact that my focus and time were divided. It seems scary but since when did success become an easy and simple thing? Never. 

This is my third post on a goal I set for myself on the cusp of ending my digital marketing course at Thinkful. I discovered that I enjoy creating content, and that led me to invest in attaining the appropriate skills. The same went for my real estate journey. However, the theme of building my own company stayed the same. I had to identify assets that were going to take me away from employment and place me on the path of entrepreneurship. However, employment is always knocking on the door, that’s if you’re qualified! The question is, which do you prefer. Let's discuss more in the comments! As this week ends, enjoy your weekends and rest up for another week of productivity!