Social Media Insider: Instagram Stories

Instagram is Facebook’s flagship platform where users can upload their favorite photos and video with filters to share with their friends and family. The current environment on the platform has transitioned into a medium where products can be sold and consumers can be influenced. One of the features I want to single out is Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories

Instagram took a tip from Snapchat and developed the story feature back in 2016 allowing its users to record 15-second vertical clips that will then sit on the top of the home tab before you scroll down to look at posts on your timeline. It resembles billboards and every time you post a story, a red outline around your profile appears to let followers know that you posted a new clip to your story. 

Inside the story mode, there are tons of other mini-features that allow you to customize your clips. My favorite ones are the time, gifs, stickers, and the music option. You can also slide left or right to place a preset filter on the clip. If you scroll all the way through the features on the bottom of the screen, there will be a search icon that will allow you to browse more custom made filters. 

Best Practices for Instagram Stories

Like I mentioned earlier, the story is a great tool to use as an advertisement banner to catch your followers’ attention. I recommend posting any updates, sales, or announcements on stories and not on your timeline, your timeline should stay as aesthetically pleasing at all times!

Story Analytics

It’s such a great bonus that Instagram allows you to see which followers are viewing your stories and which followers actually interact with the story. This feature allows you to gain an exceptional understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for your followers. 

The main takeaway from this is that you are able to effectively market to your audience by utilizing the story feature as a banner. With consistent and quality posting, you’ll be able to capture more of your followers’ attention. Follow our Instagram Page where you can connect and be notified whenever new content is posted. Let me know in the comments if this blog post was helpful. Also, while you're there, please share what type of things you would like me to discuss for future blog post topics.

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