Top Five: Tools For The Digital Entrepreneur

In the year 2020, the world discovered Zoom. The year 2021 is digital. Efficiency lies within the capabilities to leverage advanced technology using automation practices to increase performance. Performance has and will always be key to any business endeavor embarked. 

These are the top five tools for the digital entrepreneur:

5. Quality In Consistency

Doing the same thing which is not providing acceptable results a plethora of times in rotation seeking to stumble upon success is ridiculous. Don't scuff up your experience with useless work. Find something that works and consistently build off of that. This is fundamental and requires extreme attention to manage and uphold your tower. Poor quality will always result in a mess. 

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Algorithms require you to make your post as user friendly as possible. Brands that do not adhere to this logic are left behind. The major key is to identify your customer and create a digital ecosystem where your customer lives. Keywords, hashtags, metadata, and a vast variable source of analytics are domains where you must manage strategically. 

3. Networking

The essence of an entrepreneur is to seek opportunities. Linkedin is the best source to network in a digital ecosystem. Actively cultivate relationships with qualified and like-minded individuals and provide service for service opportunities. You’d rather have some of the pie than none, right?

2. Educational Courses

Things change rapidly and therefore education in relation follows suit. Udemy and of course, YoutTube are reliable sources of information to enhance current skills. Always be in the mindset of enhancement. 

1. A Professional Dashboard

Although I have yet to find an actual professional dashboard that I am about to describe to you, I’m sharing this idea because I want an angel investor. However, tools like your calendar or CRM will suffice. Properly utilizing this tool is crucial to successfully reach results. I stress this because this is how the entrepreneur holds themselves accountable. Sound off in the comments if you know of any cool personal dashboards or CRM’s.

The entrepreneur has a chaotic mind and life without tools and systems to stay on top of the nature of the trade of having multiple wheels rolling on concrete. As a thank you for reading through this post here’s a bonus tool. Audiobooks and podcasts are a great source of entertainment for the entrepreneur. If you are anything like me, you’re on the go, and sitting down hours at a time consuming useless content is not going to get you anywhere. Audio is an evolving ocean because of the idea of multitasking, which I have mixed opinions about but we’ll get to that one in another post.

If you are just getting into the entrepreneurial realm and need to understand the basics of business development through digital marketing, check out “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. I linked up with Audible and if you click this link, you’ll get the book for free! If you found this content useful, help others to see this content by giving this post a like, it helps a lot. Stay inspired!